surprise surprise! I almost lost my vlogging eqt forEVERRRR!!!! But don't worry, it all works out in the end. It's all worth it for CHANCE THE RAPPER! 🎵 IF ONE MORE EVENT STAFF TRY TO STOP ME🎶... Burgers and fries to kick off the great week ahead! It's good to stay busy so that events like these are special. Worthy of a memory and a vlog upload! Love!


I started rehearsals for a new play this week, despite the unreliability of the MTA. I see so many people above the age of 40 struggling with their phones, so I got inspired to do a new segment! The rest of the week consisted of running into side hustle friends, string trios, muggy weather, steamy showers, and eating clementines next to the toilet. another vid to come this week. stay tuned! for the curious homies: music: me! more here-


my first vlog! Hey homies! I'm Michael and welcome to my Channel! NYC based artist, born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. While I'm primarily an actor, I'm also a musician, YouTuber, longboarder, Yogi, rock climber, and on and off fitness enthusiast. Things I love: NYC YouTube my wife family music acting tv/film living life, mang! If you're interested how to make it in the city (esp as a content creator), then tune in and enjoy the ride! love. mmmichaeljohnson